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Friday, January 29, 2010


(Collection of rings in store now...Alexis Bittar, Citrine by the Stones)

(Citrine by the Stones)

(Citrine by the Stones)

(Citrine by the Stones)
1st Photo left to right: Alexis Bittar amber lucite w/swarovski crystlas, Alexis Bittar gold lucite w/turquoise stone, Alexis Bittar black lucite with swarovski crystals, Alexis Bittar pink bubble lucite ring, Citrine by the Stones feather ring, Alexis Bittar gold geometric lucite ring
2nd Photo: Citrine by the Stones feather necklace
3rd Photo: Citrine by the Stones gold flower earrings w/turquoise stones
4th Photo: Citrine by the Stones gold flower cocktail necklace

Bustiering Out

(LNA Bustier Deep-V Tee)
I love this! The bustier cute with jeans and boots. Super easy way to put a little spark in any simple look. I must say it does good things for the chest area, and the hot pink is perfect for spring and summer!

The Bralette

(LNA Bralette in flat black)
This bralette is perfect for low slung racer back tanks or sheer tops...despite the lack of wiring, it is extremely supportive and super comfy. Leather version to arrive next week. 4 of 6 are pre-sold so let me know if you would like one!

Oh Phillip...You Know Me So Well

(Phillip Lim 3.1 Spring 2010)
First of all, I must say that Phillip Lim is a genius. His color & fabric choices are to die for, & he has absolutely nailed the pant look this season, plus the whole monotone thing. I love, love, love the chartreuse pant & eyelet swing top. The red paint suit is insane, & the black pant suit is a perfectly modern reivention of the classic. I would mix each & every peice in this collection together...the black pants with the red jacket, chartreuse top with the red pants, on & on. Not to mention the double breasted sequin mini dress. I want, need, & have to have it. My friend Edgar interned at Phillip Lim last year & every time we were together he had on something new & amazing from the menswear collection. Clearly Phillip does it right for both sexes...not easy, but he makes it seem effortless. I feel like we should be friends...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prime Time

(Kate, new friend, and myself)
My love Brandon & I traveled out on Saturday night to attend a friend's birthday party. Brandon was uber excited because Prime Lounge was also hosting Rey Maualuga's brithday as well...wait...who? He plays for the Cincinatti Bengals apparently. Anyways, since that was of no interest to me, I just mingled & danced & enjoyed my night. Around midnight I got a text from lovely Kate saying that her & David were on their way...yay! 2 of my faves to go out with! Especially fun was Kate's head-to-toe Dressing Room Hudson jeans & the yummy Jamison chain tank...looking good lady! She introduced their new friends from Sweden & I wanted to shoot myself at how tall/gorgeous this girl was...please take into account that Kate & I are in 4" heels (atleast)...she is wearing flats. We had a fab time, but the next day was sooo rough. Went to the parents house & laid in theatre room until about recovery.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Digs

(Camilla Fringe Vest)

(Camilla Beaded Top)

And so it starts... Last fall at market Julia & I wrote with a few new Designers & we are so excited because they are beginning to arrive! The first delivery came from Australian label. Actress turned designer Camilla Franks credits her mother's inspiration for the staple kaftan that first made the collection famous, now filling stores worldwide & adorning the bodies of Holloywoods best celebs. Our first order didn't contain any of the kaftans because it is snowing here & we placed them in later deliveries. However, the two peices above are amazing. The fringe vest is my favorite, but the weight of the hand-beaded tank is testimony to the intensity of the every design. Must check out her website to see what else will be hanging on the Dressing Room racks this spring!
Also pick up a copy of Camilla Frank's book, Women of the World Australia...great, inspirational read. Xo


(Christian Louboutin)
New arrivals at the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department never means good things for my bank account. Look at these...the Madame Tall Boots...omg! I feel like I need these badly, & I also feel like there are so many different ways to play up the see through mesh situation happening here...colored tights and/or socks underneath perhaps? Now I have to start saving...or see if Saks will increase my credit limit a bit...a large bit actually...hmm. Hope to be posting photos of me wearing these soon! Stay tuned!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Way We Wore...& Still Are

( Me-Age 4? Sunbathing)

(Julia & Myself-Ages 5 & 3 )

( Julia- Age 3? )

Yes...accessorizing at age 3, tanning at age 4, & fur since day 1! Now those of you who know us understand a bit better. Painters arrived this morning at my home to piant all the trim, walls, & ceilings, (going to take forever...upset) so in the process of taking down the million photos hanging down the hallway I found these. I must say they are a few of my absolute favorites. My mom always tells me that if the sun was out then so was I, & so were all of my things. (Necessities as I like to say...she disagrees.) You can see my multiple towels, snorkeling gear, purse, float, sunglasses, hat, etc. Please keep in mind that I was on the back porch of my childhood home which did not have a pool..? I am still like this...old habits die hard. Then there is Julia & I in our white rabbit fur coats...we loved these & I wish I could still fit into mine, but it is in storage for my little girl someday so the fur will live on. Let's just hope the permed bangs will not. Last is Julia, playing dress-up or maybe just dressed for a day around the house. I am dying over the bandanas around the ankles & the side ponytail. Some say you should take one accessory off before leaving the house...well Julia did not follow that rule then & she definately doesn't now. Love it.

Emotional Fashion

(Beatrice Boyle for Browns Focus-Howl Tee, Gasp Dress, & Carson Tank, Intermix Online)
In my email this morning was something I love & hate all at once...Intermix Lust List. Love because they consistenetly feature new, fun items every girl would want, & hate because I can't help myself from buying something! Beatrice Boyle, fashion illustrator turned designer, new line of tees, tanks, & dresses inspired by images of her real-life girlfriends combines art, fashion, friends, emotion, life, etc. all in one. (things like this remind me of why that art history degree works in this industry-whew!) Love the dramatized make-up & mixing of light/dark shades. Pretty girls scream and cry too, ya know. Prices range from $80-$200 which makes it even harder not to I did...the Carson Tank. Lust no more!

Proposal to the Bridesmaids

My sister is getting married...I die. I don't know if I have difficulty adjusting to this new fact of life because I thought she might never do it, or because she is the first in the original group! (Some newer, fabulous additions are married but they were that way when we met so it doesn't count!) Regardless, he is wonderful & everything I always pictured for her so all is well. However, now that the date has been set comes the task of planning, which I am totally looking forward to as it will be a perfect opportunity to exercise my OCD! Super excited because the lovely event is taking place in the Bahamas, so multiple trips will be mandatory in order to check the status of preparations! Wedding dress has been purchased & is being made as I type! Next on the list...bridesmaid dresses. In an effort to avoid anything typical bridesmaid or wedding, Julia is having me pull looks based on her description of what she wants...above are my choices. We need some combination of these dresses from Halston, so any suggestions/sketches would be greatly appreciated! We have a meeting in 2 weeks for an estimate for how much these babies will cost! Fingers Crossed!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dress or Hat?

(Derby, Churchill Downs)
Dressing Room & myself are located in Louisville, Ky...home of the Kentucky Derby. I am waiting for my 5 girls to arrive to the shop so we can film the first "get ready" short video for the official Kentucky Derby website. The theme...Dress or hat? I say dress...first reason being that the dress is much more rewearable than the hat, headpiece, etc...and with photographs being taken & catty women discussing who wore what for months following you want to feal uber confortable/fabulous. People will always be able to tell if a woman doesn't love what she has on. Also, there are fantastic local milliners, as well as milliners in Chicago and New York, who will work one on one with you to design your hat specifically for your dress! I usually make my own hat or headpeice...splurge on the dress! After all, one Derby photo can last a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


(Moet Bar at Marchesa, My 2 Favorite Looks)
So...lucky Julia & I were invited by our lovely friend Sarah to attend the Marchesa show during Fashion Week & obviously we said hell yes! The show was held at the Chelsea Art Museum which proved to be the perfect setting as the dresses are & were displayed as pieces of art. Of course the dresses were all insanely beautiful & amazingly constructed, but the Moet champagne bar was so very nice as well. The 2 gowns above were my faves. I love the soft & sheer pink mixed with grey & black adding just the right amount of darkness to these feminine silhouettes. It is easy to see that the Marchesa ladies know exactly what they are doing, & to all of our benefit let's hope they do not stop any time soon! Tulle never, ever looked so fine. Toast!

Naughty Princess

(Falconiere, Net-A-Porter)
Any piece of jewelry that may weigh enough for me to fall over...count me in. These little yummies will set you back a bit, but totally worth it in my opinion. After all, jewelry always fits. The silver, bronze, gold mixture is spot on, & the swarovski crystal embellishments add the perfect understated touch of glamour. Designer Juniper Rose says her inspiration for the jewelry line stemmed from an attempt to write a novel about princesses turned evil & the necklaces, etc. that she envisioned her character's wearing. (love) So now you know what that $700-1000 will get you...the attitude of a princess gone bad...Sexy if you ask me.

Seeing Stripes

(Herve Leger, Net-A-Porter)
Dazed & confused...this dress is to die. I am not sure why I feel this way, but I think I would look & feel uber thin in this dress. Despite the horizontal stripe stigmitism, I think this dress would withstand. When the French couture house was sold to American design company BCBGMaxAzriaGroup in 1999 I have to admit that the thought scared me, & I am sure many other fashionistas. However, each collection continues to reveal a new perspective on how to emphasize the female form in the most flattering way. As a staple in the fashion world, Herve Leger has held it's ground with, & many times above, the rest of them. It seems the "bandage dress" is here to stay. Thank god.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Few Favorites

Photo 1...Rainy Day in Central Park, New York
Photo 2...Me & bestie Christy, Julia & Jason's Engagement Party
Photo 3...Sarah, Myself, Natalie, Julie, & Lauren at 2009 Best Dressed
Photo 4...Daddy! Along with Julia & I 2009 New Year's Eve
Photo 5...Julia, Malloree, Me, & Christy at Nate's wedding
Photo 6...My love, Bianca!
Photo 7...Lauren & I, New York Hotel
Photo 8...Me, outside the Louvre, Paris

The Early Days

(Julia-Age 6 Me-Age 4)

This photo was taken in Florida at our father's mother's house which we visited every single summer, without any exception. Barbara Buckler, said grandmother, remains one of the most glamourous women I have ever known. Her closets full of silk printed mui-muis, every color furs, diamond studded bags, & glorious sun hats made for many long afternoons of dress up for Julia & I. Adding to the fun was Barbara's office with walls lined in shelves housing any & every MaryKay product one could wish for. Hours on end answering faux calls from clients needing that perfect red lipstick, etc on the pale pink finger dial phone kept us busy. But favorite memomry of all...trips for ice cream in the pink Caddy convertible...enough said.

In Loving Memory...

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Dirty Good=Good...Except Better

A combination of all things fashion, home, art, friends, life in general, etc. I am very excited about this new blogging situation & cannot wait to share the yummy items & ideas I come across. Featured regularly will be fashion favorites, new digs arriving at Dressing Room (the fabulous boutique my sister & I own together), art of the past/present that I am loving, my beautiful girlfriends, my life, & more. Enjoy! XoXo