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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mama's Debut

(camera ready)

(Kevin making sure Mama's goodies are in the right place)

So newly opened restaurant Sea Hag is amazing & dirty delicious...much like local owner Kevin. Due to the close proximity to my family home, Mom and Daddy have become the 2 best customers...they are there about 4 to 5 times a week! Kevin popped into the store last week & wanted to enlist mother to be his can-can girl in his national advertisement! Well...of course she will & so she did! Photos above are from Sunday night when it all went down. How amazing does she look?! Tulle, feathers, & cigarettes...she does a daughter proud! Love my stunningly beautiful mother dearly!
Will definately be posting the ad once it starts running so stay tuned!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember This?

(Natalie. Dress- Josh Goot, Julia. Skirt & Shirt- Elizabeth & James)
Going through photos & found an oldie but goodie...hahahaha! Does anyone remember this? Lauren, Julie, were all here this night! How hilarious is this photo? Love.

Fashion, Champagne, & Good Cause

( Me: Dress- Vinatge Escada, Necklace- Mawi)
Dressing Room was happy to participate in the American Cancer Society Fashion Show Gala. I attented, sadly without Julia who was away, but gladly with love Brandon. We get dolled & suited up for a night on the town. The fashion show was a huge hit, as was Brandon with the silent auction. He nabbed us dinner at 2 fantastic restaurants in town! Fun night!
Fashion Show Photos here.

Walk in the Park

Bianca was a bit unsure at first...

Julia & Rebecca taking a break for some champagne, etc.


Rebecca & I in the water with the pups...
So Rebecca & I both have pomeranians who are currently dating...Nobu & Bianca. (cutest couple ever) So, we decided to take them on a date & Rebecca knew the perfect place. This little water wonderland in the woods at Cherokee park...Biacna & Nobu loved it! We brought champagne roadies along to keep us humans didn't think Julia & I would go into the woods without alchohol did you? Of course not!

GooGoo for GaGa

(Sarah, Frankie, Brooke, Julia, Tiffany, & myself)
So a few of us girls jaunted up to Indy last week for the highly anticipated Lady GaGa show...well worth the trip, time, money, & day after headache. Friend Lauren & Edgar had seen GaGa a few days prior & their satisfaction gave us much to look forward to! GaGa was/is/always will be amazing & we had the best time dancing our way through the night. (Show You Teeth might have been my favorite) Just how much fun can be seen in the photos on which you can view here. Why do we always look crazier than everyone else in a room? Love you girls!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kaftan Love

Myself, Julia, & Mama...all wearing Camilla Kaftans.

The Camilla Kaftan Sping Sample sale was a huge success!! Thanks to all the fabulous, glamorous ladies who came to take a peak...we hope everyone is enjoying their yummy kaftans!