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Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Bardot

Love her.

Bahama Bound Baby

Vaca Ready
So I'm off early Derby day for Nassau with my love Brandon & a few of our besties...Julia, Jason, Julie, & Rasta. Julie's Bahama oasis is eager for our arrival I'm sure, as is the daiquiri stand which will be one of the first stops. I am so excited & packing a few of my fave warm weather items did nothing but heighten my anticipation! Neon & tie dye...yes please! Most importantly, the little tiger number Camilla caftan we just got into the shop, covered in swarovski crystals. LOVE. I will be having breakfast beach side in my caftan every morning. Gone for a week so ciao for now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rocking The Half Tuck

Yesterday, after Sangria Saturday at Dressing Room, Julia & I popped over to Frankie's for a quick closet raid before girl's dinner...Frankie was getting ready which led to a discussion of the "halftuck". You know...where you tee is semi tucked in on the front side, but not much so it's as if it just happened & looks effortlessly stylish. She had been trying to teach her hubby Ryan how it worked, & of course men don't really get it at all. Well...Brandon walked in today sporting a perfect version of the halftuck. I got excited which confused him, but after a simple explanation he agreed that it does look good & he hadn't even noticed. Good job babe! You are so fashionable!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scandal Never Sleeps...XoXo

Text from Julia: "Spotted: Mr. Doc from upstairs at Sapporo with someone other than his wife. Could we use this against him in the pink pot battle? " XoXo-Gossip Girl

I laughed so hard, as did Brandon reading it over my shoulder...he just doesn't understand how truly GG infiltrates our lives, when I got this text sometime around 10:30pm on a Tuesday. I guess scandal never sleeps. Julia spotted a neighbor of ours out with NOT his signifigant other & now we are wondering how to use this to our advantage? We think it would serve us well in the battle for the pink pots to stay. Others do not like them...we don't understand these people. They are fabulous!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Text: "I miss my besties bitches. Miss yall!"
April 15th, 2010 12:31pm

Text: "I enjoy my borrowed bling. It reads rolex ladies."
April 19th, 2010 6:59pm

Text: "Watcha think? Skin full length onesie tight rolled at ankle, peekaboo navy lace bra, grandpa cardigan tight rolled at wrist, topped with skin & silver metallic pump sandals. Oh yes & my new eyes."
April 16th, 2010 12:45pm

2 of my very dear friends live in far away places...Lauren in NYC & Cassie in LA. Such sadness. However, this gives me plenty of want & need reason to catch a place when I'm craving some travel/good company. Lauren & I have a quite serious telephone relationship, not to metion that we have taken turns visiting every 2 months for the past year...& Cassie keeps me up to date with her fantastic photo texts. (samples above, obviously) These girls are fulfilling my bicoastal lifestyle dream & doing it so well. Keep you friends close least the good ones & these 2 are dirty good. Love you bitches. XoXo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Into the Wild

(Stella McCartney Zebra Cotton Tshirt Dress)
Love this. Want this to wear with or without everything & anything. Think it might have to be a purchase I make...hmm...yes definately.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Mother's Clothes

(My Mother's prom dress c.1977...made by her. So small.)

(My 21st birthday party dress. Worn in Vegas...fully beaded.)
So inspiration always comes when did mine for these photos, and others taken not posted. Photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron successfully captured the spirit & speciality of the things her mother left behind in her photo book "My Mother's Clothes". I ordered this book online purely due to the title which intrigued me, & instead was pleasantly surprised & touched by the recall of memories each piece revealed. Images of her mother's stationary used to invite the other socialites to her grand parties, plaid sequin blazers of Bill Blass (who had become quite the comrade of Barron's mother by the mid 1970's), even a clothes tag with the prints of her mother's lips from blotting once before exiting for a fabulous evening out. Pg. 63 is my favorite...a red pocketbook with a cream rope handle, quote "Mama always told me 'Take some mad money with you on a date, if you get mad you can just leave'". I always scold my mom for not keeping more of her things, especially since every photo of her I see is full of items I covet. This is why I keep mostly everything.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dreamy Beachy

My dream house, Palm Beach, FL.
My parents looked at this house a few years ago. Spanish style, pool, guest house, perfectly chic.
Despite all of my persuasions to purchase, they did not. We are still in the condo on Jupiter Island. Which is great & on the beach, but this house.
One day I will live in this house. I have been convinced ever since I saw it & Brandon has approved. The plan is store in Plam Beach & store in New York, while I travel back & forth. We will see if that happens!
I am currently trying to incorporate the no fuss aura of this design, and it is definately coming along. Will post photos once everything is finished, or close enough.

Gonna be a Heartbreaker...

I had a very special visitor just the other day...Kilbourne. When Natalie and Kilbourne came strolling into view through the window I was so pleased! The weather hasn't permitted many jaunts up the street for the pair, but it is improving so more visits to be expected! Of course, after kisses hello, Kilbourne went straight to the candy dish. He now loves JellyBellys. He also has fantastic taste in shoes, evidenced by his skull&crossbones vans & the snakeskin pumps he's carrying. His many days spent at the shop makes me nervous for what he might tell once he is able to say anything he wants...could be dangerous for us girls! He will be quite a charming man though, the ladies are going to flip!

NonFiction Addiction

(current read)

(current reading spot)

Loving my recently new chair...& the amazing weather as of late. So, I have been sitting in this chair, french doors wide open, while reading some of my latest nonfiction addictions. 2 days ago I finished the last book of the Luxe series, stories of high society New York c. 1890-1910 with historical newspaper excerpts of the character's lives...yes really. I am so sad that the end is here, but thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Must read: Luxe, Rumors, Envy, & Splendor. Thankyou to Rebecca for sharing this yummy literature of tortured romance, betrayal, & the expectations keeping the flame fanned. New read...Gucci, A House Divided:An Inside Account of the Battle for the Gucci Empire. More scandal...and Jacqueline Kennedy involved? Sure to be dirty good. Will report once finished.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

March On

The military jacket is a must have for all seasons. Thin enough for cutoffs & a tee in summer, and easily thrown over a chunky knit sweater for fall. My version is a vintage find from 5 years ago, & still a mainstay of my wardrobe. Actually, I wore it yesterday with ripped jeans, my favorite Alexander Wang grey tee, & black aztec wedges I just purchased. It's comfy and super stylish at the moment. Roll the sleeves, belt it, wear it loose, or even get a slightly different shade than the classic army green. Perfect for everyday wear, but still great thrown over a floral silk dress to grunge it up a bit. I cannot tell you how must use mine has seen. Whatever one does, just get a version for yourself!

GaGa for Givenchy

My ever-lasting love for Givenchy has just hit a surplus. Riccardo Tisci, designer for the infamous label, proved himself years ago as the impeccably-eyed creator of the Givenchy ready-to-wear world. Now, we are all blessed to see him try his hand at succesfully. His inspiration for his 1st round? The 70's...could there be anything better than my favorite era? The emerald embellished jumpsuit is insane...I am thinking I need something similar. The evening gown is crazy in the most fabulous & full way. The snipping in at the waist leading to a billowing bottom...& the pockets. (I feel that everything should have pockets) Black feathers & beading? Yes, please! This cream & black piece with the beaded drop waist & feathered lower half is my fave of the whole couture collection. Love, love. Very nice intro into the fabulous world of couture Riccardo Tisci...I am looking forward to seeing what fall brings for us.

(Givenchy Spring Couture 2010)

Friday, April 9, 2010

No Others Needed

Again, Akris SpringRTW2010. The deep-v done prefectly. Black & Nude? Yes, please. If these 2 fabulosities were hanging in my closet alone I would be satisfied. Nothing else would be necessary.
photos via

Albert for Akris Hits Homerun with Monotone Trend

Above Images: Akris SpringRTW2010
More monotone please...grey, cream, black, rust, taupe, any color really. I love it all. This spring I wish to be swaddled in light & lose silk tops/sweaters in all shades, but without a doubt the rust & grey colors that Albert Kriemler concocted this season. Oh, and the skinny cig pants to match. Look for me soon in all my monotone glory.
Also, this was Kriemler's first collection of handbags for the line...very, very well done.
photos via

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Easter Bunny Brought Champagne!

(Easter baskets with yummy bubbly!)

(Myself, Daddy, & Julia)
Current favorite dress...emerald Poleci. The draping is very grecian like & the one shoulder adds a sexy vibe. This shade goes perfect with my oh so loved Bordeaux lip color. Jacket was a Dolce & Gabana steal at Saks a few years back & I love it as much now as then. Gold tweed with a little black piping matches everything so it has sure seen many days & nights with me. Shoes are Gucci & so suprisingly comfortable. Julia is uber Easter festive with her Mara Hoffman dress, Christian Louboutins, & the perfectly pink Chanel bag that I missioned for last year in Paris. (Thankyou to Cassie for searching the streets of Paris for this! I tols you all I wanted was a vintage Chanel in an off color & we did it!) It's a love/hate relationship since I severly miscalculated the euro to dollar exchange rate, & my vintage bargain turned out to be not so bargain afterall. Oh well, when is Paris...