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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day Suprises

Flowers from my loverbear...proteas are my new favorite.

Shari's Berries!!! From Brandon's mom! So yummy! Strawberries covered in chocolate chips & coconut? What says love better than that?

From My Head Down To My Toes. Forever...& Ever...

So...the new Forever21 just opened & it is massive! Someone told me it was the largest in the country which I am not so sure about, but after making a stop in it could very well be true. Of course I found like 2 sweaters (as if I need 1 more) that I had to have...1 is a yummy oatmeal colored knit & the other is navy/cream stipe side flyaway. Ps the whole nautical stripe trend basically vomitted all over Forever21. It is everywhere! However, the real finds of the day are pictured above. Love Love the pink feather bib necklace...especially for $25. I wore last night to dinner & it was a hit for sure. Also, totally adore these floral print platform maryjanes. They are so 90's & so comfy! Dirty Good people. 


Getting a mani/pedi last week & stumbled across this one...who is this & why is she in my face? Apparently her name is Samantha Harris & she is amazing. Clearly.

Fall Favorite

With warm weather approaching (thank god!) I begin to miss my fall/winter favorites. I know this is stupid, but until I have children of my own my clothes fill that spot so it's as if I am putting a child away in some closet for a season. Understand? Pictured above is an absolutely amazing Josh Goot black wool trench that we carried at the store a few seasons ago. For those of you not familiar with the Josh Goot label...shame on you. He is incredible, Australian, & knows exactly how to flatter any woman's figure. Sadly, we have not had a rendezvous since he flew in to premiere his Spring RTW 09 colleciton at our Frock Out Show because he has moved to Paris & refuses to return...totally get it but still saddens me. For now I will remember him through the to die for peices hanging in my closet. Until Paris is on the schedule at least.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Acne Need

Acne Hydo Suede Wedge Boots 

Image via Net-A-Porter

I NEED. Also need the $720 to buy them.


Love me some Prada. Above are 3 of my favorites. The first I purchased because anything peach seems to me completely irresistible to me. Also, the ombre effect is amazing. The second I love due to the color scheme...lilac, burnt orange, black? Yes. The third I had to have because they were 60% off at this little boutique in Barcelona. They have turned into the best boots ever. So unbelievably comfortable...I can wear them for days & my feet have never loved me more. Who would have thought patent leather Prada would turn out to be so practical? Dirty Good.