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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Julia & I headed to New York a few weeks ago...the start of fall there is so gorgeous. We walked about 10 miles everyday! I love when the weather there is perfect for walking aimlessly. We were lucky to get on a direct flight so after arriving at 9am there really wasn't much question about what to do...mimosas? That's exactly what happened & 5 hours later (at a tiny cafe where I don't think they are used to people kicking it for so long) we headed out to meet friends with a happy little buzz. The first photo is documentation about halfway through...
Never, EVER, do we plan a trip to the city without being there for a Sunday...favorite day. Mostly because brunch might be my favorite thing ever, but the Upper West Side flea market (fur lady always get paid a visit) adds to the Sunday love too. Met Edgar & Brandon for brunch at Cafe LaLo, flea market next, & then cut throught the park to head to Barneys for some men's shoe shopping. It was a dirty good day.
Got to see my love Lauren too...Miss yall!!!

Fancy Free!

Julia & I have played around with the idea of starting an Ebay Store as a means to clean house & make room for new! Well...the time has come. Yesterday Fancy Free, Loving the Old & New made its debut to the cyber world. We have created a vintage section in our boutique several times & everything just goes so quickly! So now we are permanantly seperating the 2 in order to have a stronger focus on our love of vintage goodies. Not all items will be vintage...the old & the new includes newer, current designer pieces that we are just ready to move on from. As sad as it is to see some of these items go to someone else...we have to! The closets at both of our places have reached max capacity! We hope anyone who nabs one of our beloved items will treasure it the way we always have! Basic information is posted about each item, but there is a story to everything so if you need/want more details just let us know! Visit the link below to shop Fancy Free! New items will be posted weekly....stay tuned...

Also...whoever gets the Oscar De La Renta dress...treat it like gold! It is amaze!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ports 1961

Ports 1961 Spring 2011
Really into it.


What is this? I need it. I saved this photo a few weeks back during a night or internet browsing randomness & cannot locate it anywhere! Designer? Price? Where to buy? Materials? I need the search continues.


Oscar De La Renta Spring 2011

1. Madly in love with the mustard tone with black lace...feeling like those earrings are of an emerald persuasion which is definitely a must in this color combo. Need to re-create this look in a more casual way for my life.
2. Lace on lace on lace...texturizing at its finest. The silouhette of the dress is one of my all time favorites. Needing some of this black & white lace mix in my world. 

Note: Huge hair is fabulous.
Images via
View entire runway collection here.

I See Through You

Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2011
Patent Leather Trim Trasparent Cape
Yes, please, omg, thank you.
Is this not insane? This does nothing but make me happy & further my love of ALL thing lucite/version of lucite. I die. I need. Must have.
There is also a massive storage trunk that is lucite...where did I see that? Need to locate.

Image via Net-A-Porter