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Monday, May 31, 2010

Rompathon: Day 7...The End

(a black silk number for the cookout)

(another black for bed...waving goodbye to the rompathon)

We have reached the end of the rompathon... :( Which is why Frankie donned black all day in mourning. It has been too fun & Frankie completed the week with success...

Winter rompathon is a definite must. So there is something to look forward to!

We love you Frankie & your romps!

Rompathon: Day 6

(casual missoni-esque at the pool...a Dressing Room purchase. love it.)

(the fabulousness of the Camilla label...also a Dressing Room purchase...this is the romper referenced in day 5 post)

(nighty night)

Of course super classic & chic at the pool in a black suit & silky romper, but none can compare to her choice for the dinner party that night. As said before, Dressing Room is currently housing the spring/summer runway samples of Camilla...& Frankie just had to scoop up a little number for herself...obviously a romper. It is beautiful & amazingly flattering. (Julia & I also sported Camilla to the get together so we were really a sight) Another American Apparel piece for bedtime. Favorite day of them all...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rompathon: Day 5

(favorite day look so far)

(a little fiction before bed)

Frankie's day look for Friday was so fantastic...this romper is a mauve/army shade of silk, & has a sort of military influence...the 2 length neck gems were the perfect accessories. Snapped this photo when Frankie stopped by the shop for our Camilla trunkshow/sample sale...she scooped up a Camilla black poppy print romper. Let me just say that this romper is fabulous & I cannot wait to post photos of her because it is stunning! I think she is wearing tonight to our dinner party! Anyways, bedtime photo is great because she said "ignore the fake smile...I am still mad at Ryan". Ha!

Rompathon: Day 4

(denim for day)

(sleep time)

Loved this day look...denim romper is adorable. Kudos for the butterfly is perfect with this! And the stripes for sleeping. Day 5 to come...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rompathon: Day 3

(A little ikat for day)


Another good day...I love this ikat print romper Frankie ordered from shopbop. This is my favorite "goodnight" photo chic with the java & fur throw. Sweet Dreams.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sequins Are A Girl's Bestfriend

(Sunset Dress)

(Bon Jour Tee)

(Liberty Dress)

(I Get Around Tank)

(Big Ice Cream Dress)

All ABove by Ashish.
I have always loved myself a sequin so Ashish Gupta really did well by me with his new collection of scrumptious must-haves. Ahish's reputation as the "King of Sequins" makes perfect sense after seeing these pieces. A girl's gotta love a man who knows his sequins.
Need all of these.

Rompathon: Day 2

(3pm. super sassy for a day at the office)

(10:30pm. bed time...)

(loves her slippers)

Day 2 was amazing...Frankie's day look was fabulous! She looks so long in this black silk pantsuit & the Mawi cocktail necklace would look dirty good with anything. So sad these cage booties are to big on me...but nothing a little tissue can't take care of! Her sleeper romper is the new LBR. She had to take the photo herself because hubby Ryan would not get out of bed...he does not understand the magnitude of the rompathon. Frankie also threw in this pic of her favorite slipper cute! 2 days down & 5 to go!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Little Esquire...And A Me Moment

(Me: dress, Hayley Harlett. Mal: Cap & Gown! Julia: dress, Cavalli)
BFF Malloree graduated from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta last weekend so Julia & I obviously skipped town for the weekend...some qt with Mal in the dirty ATL was definately in order & what a great excuse for a visit! The lovers came with since Mal's guy Charlie was also graduating. Above is a photo of us with the hottest lawyer to ever live. Nobody worry because the first thing she said to us was "Everybody hates their hat, but I look cute in mine". Some things never change & thank goodness for that. Other photo is me in such a fabulous courtyard...all white with red umbrellas. I loved it & just had to have a moment in my black/white. Had so much fun. Miss & love you forever Mal!

Rompathon: Day 1

(2pm. Casual romper for play time with the kids)

(8pm. Chic romper for drinks & socializing with the girls)

(11pm. Night Night in her AA romper)
Today began the 7day rompathon we have challenged friend Frankie too. We began to notice Frankie's love of rompers when she continued to buy every single one that came into Dressing Room...& after realizing she owned an absurd but fabulous amount of the onesie wonder we thought a week long extravaganza would be fun. The only rule is rompers 24/7 except at the gym. Day 1 was a success as you can see above. Today is day 2 and I am so excited to see her romper of choice! Stay tuned...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Edgar, You Must

Michael Kors Capote
Hello Lover. These are men's but nonetheless to die for. I have always been fond of menswear based on the simplicity & structure, so whenever I come across something that I covet from the ooposite sex I tell Edgar. Fabulous friend, endlessly entertaining, but most importantly a phenomenal fashion man. His shoe collection rivals mine, which is hard to do if I must say. So this post is a call to you Edgar darling! Buy these, buy these! You will look oh so Dirty Good...
Came across these while browsing some fave blogs...cigarettesandhighheels.

Beaver Time

Once again, a fabulous photo from Nat of her baby K. Here he is enjoying a ride at the playground. Obviously, any photo of Kilby brightens my day, but what really makes me lol are the captions that come with.
Caption: "What man doesn't love a good beaver?"
I am taking this oppurtunity to thank Natalie for her unparalled wittiness & ability to mouth off the most unexpected thing at a moment's notice. I love you, your dirty mind, & dirty mouth. You are fabulous.

Lace It Up

My "new" oxfords.
These are only new because I finally wore them for the first time, but they have been in my dressing room for a while. I have too many shoes I know! The upside to forgetting about a pair for a while is that when I do get around to them I get to fall in love all over. That definately happened here...the taupe shade of these makes me happy, & the patent leather aspect is super fun. Also, why do I have a love for all things that tie or lace up? Still have not figured that one out. Still want a floppy black leather pair of oxfords, too. My shoe fetish is insatiable. It's a problem.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gone Live!

Some exciting news! The Dressing Room website is now live! Julia & I are so excited to have a new outlet to reach our fashionable clientele! Please check us out & be sure to sign up for the monthly "It List" featuring our new favorite things & the blog! Hope you love it!



Just thought I would throw this up since I am missing it so crazy today :( It's a beautiful day here in Derby City, but not quite comparable. Julie's place is fabulous because there is hardly anyone else around meaning you can do whatever you want. The private beach and insane view are also factors, but a trip to the Cove for a little bit is always nice. Here is my view on our latest visit. The bottom half of the photo is all red I know...sorry it was the bed in front of my chair & I didn't want to get up! If you are at the Cove there will not be a cloud in the's the strangest & best thing in the world.
Sun, friends, a bed, dj, lazy river, miami vice, blackjack poolside? Yes, please!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fashion Feature: Frankie!

Bestie Frankie featured on HerScene for her fantastic & effortless style.
Entire article here.
Karina Grimaldi romper & Mawi necklace from Dressing Room!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Black. Silver. And Black Again.

Elizabeth & James Wedge Dress

Barilla Leather Linen Frock

Elizabeth & James Leather Panel Skirt

Some of my new favorites at Dressing Room.
Elizabeth & James black wedge dress is fantastic...the shoulder detail is the perfect amount of sparkle for any day/night of the week.
This Barilla dress is insane. I ordered it for myself as a Derby dress, but then I skipped town so it is currently for sale. It is linen coated to feel like leather. Amazing. So lightweight, but with the strong statement leather always makes.
The leather panel skirt is to die for. The tiny slits at the hip make for the sexiest skin showing.

All Day Every Day

Oliva Palermo, image via
Olivia Palermo has been blogging her daily looks of April for & as always her style is impeccable. One of my favorites above.
Check out the rest of Olivia's fashion here.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Finally!!!!!! My mirrored vanity table has arrived! Mama ordered this for me for my 23rd birthday...she knows how I have coveted hers for so long. Well...backordered from Jan. to March...then March to April...then June. It ended up coming in May thank goodness because my patience was wearing uber thin. It's arrival sparked the spring cleaning of my dressing room...& the second photo of my jewelry shows clearing how many things I let go of! So hard for a person who wants to keep everything "just in case I have the perfect outfit for it". Brandon sat right next to me the entire time & helped me cope. Thankyou babe! I am completely in love with this peice...a girl needs a place to be vain all by herself.
With the arrival of the vanity the condo is that much closer to being complete so hopefully photos will be coming soon!
Dirty Good indeed.

Never Too Young

Spring cleaning hit my jewelry & sunglass collection pretty hard & I had to rid of a few things. As I was shifting through oldies but goodies, I came across the RayBans that my bestie Nathan bought me in highschool....except he bought the child size! If there even is such a thing...either way they are so tiny on my face! I wouldn't dare throw away RayBans, especially a barely worn pair! So I gifted to Ava & here she is. She's also sporting the jade apple necklace & 3 feather charm I thought she would love so much. Ava is Frankie's little gal & she is so super stylish. Loving the romper...anyone who knows Frankie will understand the humor there. Anyways, both mother & daughter are fabulous fashionistas!

Shake Shake Shake

So as Julia and I strolled through the Atlantis village we stopped to dance while these fabulous bahamian men played their drums and thing I knew hats were on & shakers were in hand. Fun little impromptu concert. We were quite a hit if I do say so. We kept waiting for the rest of the crew to come around the corner & witness our musical talents, but they never did & our hands got tired of shaking! Missed a good moment people!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daquiri Stand Days

Julie feeding me yummy conch salad

A little love

Julia & Rasta grooving

Our order

I spent the past 7 days in Nassau, Bahamas at Julie's perfect paradise. We left early Derby morning, but had plans to watch. However, by the time Derby rolled around we had found our way to the Daquiri Stand...per usual. Guess what? They had it playing on the tiny tele in the corner. So while all our fellow louisvillians were rain drenched...we were happily tipsy in a favorite place. Fresh fruit daquiris, amazing music, Bahamian men & women telling you how beautiful you are...yes please. Above are just a few snapshot moments...there are many more since we were there at some point everyday. I dont want to go to work today...I want to go to the daquiri stand... :(

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shoe Style

(Alexander Wang, Trish Loafer Wedge Mule)

(Rag & Bone, Kensington LaceUp Bootie)
Loving both of these so much. The AW's are uber wearable, but this blush color of R&G is amazing. Might be my fave color for the spring/summer season.