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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Night At The Museum

Caught Kate in an unexpected fashion moment...first off, the Camilla maxi skirt is insane standing still so even all the more so in full movement. Our bluegrassginger opted for this look for the annual Best Dressed soiree...American Apparel nude body suit (backless), Camilla watercolor maxi skirt, vintage cream & gold belt, & a 3 stone vintage cocktail necklace. You would have never guessed she came to town without options, but I have learned that usually gives way to a flawless ensemble.

Late night we found ourselves at 21c Hotel & Museum which more than once has turned into a mini photoshoot...some of the eve's photos below. Love strolling through the modern interactive museum, chapagne in hand...

Camilla MultiLayer Maxi Dress

one of my faves
bottom black portion sheer