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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

(The White Convertible, SwankCakeDesign)

(NatNat & Barbie...naturally)

I absolutely love getting super special cakes for friend's birthdays. So sad that I cannot find a photo of Julia with her 3-tiered topsy turvy cake I got her. (23rd birthday, I think?)
But, above is another fabulous treat which was for Natalie's birthday last year...Barbie, in all her glory for this photo. This is day after trolley hop/sushi/kareoke extravaganza, and Barbie had a rough night clearly. She is half eaten, totally exposed, & missing her top I might add!
Don't the 2 gals in the white convertible look like they are having a great time? This cake I found tonight while browsing all things random, and I am definately going to have to get this sometime soon for someone's something. I wonder if they will let you give a description of the people so they will look like you!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bag Belongings

(the inside contents of my bag today...& everday)
Currently I am toting around the Marc Jacobs cream snakeskin carryall...which btw is incredibly heavy regardless of what's inside, be it nothing at all. However, I keep it stocked with my daily essentials including the following:
1. Louis Vuitton pouchette to hold small items such as hair ties, bobby pins, chapstick, etc.
2. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume (the big bottle...because I love it so)
3. Evian facial spray (to keep me refreshes...this is a travel must for everyone) & eye drops
4. Green Tea blotting papers
5. Ray-Ban aviators
6. Boyfriend's Ray-Bans (why does my purse become a catch-all for him? especially when he complains that all my bags are too big or too heavy...get a man bag, hello!)
7. Nail 4-sided cube (my saving grace)
8. Imaage lip stick in Bordeaux (blogged about this previously) & Bobbi Brown cheek rouge
9. Kate Spade business card holder with mine & others who I support
10. Camera & case
11. iPhone (my life)
12. keys
That's all!

Weather is Warming...

(Sandals: Via Spiga, Skirt: Anna Sui, Top: Vintage, Bag: Marc Jacobs)
Brandon and I headed out early Saturday evening for our friend's wedding celebration! The two got hitched lone style in Hawaii this past December, & so it was necessary for a party to be held for friends & family to congratulate the happy, adorable new couple. Dress was to be very casual & Hawain inspired. However, my summer closet has yet to be opened (not much in there anyways since I consider most items all-seasonal, & the few floral print maxis which would have been perfect were not every temperature appropriate), & I had not time between work/party to dive in. So, I donned a skirt I had not worn yet & one of my favorite items of all-vintage denim jacket with floral applique on back. (not seen in photo) Party was fun, as were the after-party activities. Congrats again to Tyler & Casey!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Noticeable Necks

(Alexis Bittar Spring/Summer 2010 Elements Collection)
Obviously I am loving necklaces right now. How can you not love these? Throw on jeans, a tee, wedges, & one of these or the Mawi posted below and you are done & looking fabulous.

Mawi Mawi Mawi, Oh My!

(Mawi Spring/Summer 2010 Collection)

So many more but these are the biggest and best! The bracelets and rings are equally to die for. Images can be viewed from our Facebook group Dressing Room. Please feel free to check them all out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

P90X My Ass!

Someone just shoot me now! Yesterday was my first day (of 90) to start P90X...Brandon has been super hyped to start so being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I agreed to join. Well! Let me just say that I love to be sore because it lets me know that I worked hard, but this is not any kind of sore I have known before. This is horrible. I even insisted on doing the lean routine so I don't end up a beast like the girls in the videos! If this is sore from the lean then what does the regular do??! This sucks and it is only day 1...not to mention day 2 (today) is cardio...UGH!!! Girls-check on me later...I might not have made it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's Make Something Old New Again

photo1: Galanos Cream Wrap Style
photo2: Green Rabbit Tail Leather Shoulder Bag
photo3: Claude Montana Fringe Sweater

All vintage. All available via
All things I covet.

More Goods...Some Dirty

(Camilla & Marc)

(Camilla & Marc)


(Camilla & Marc)
Ok I lied...they are all dirty good. Only one of each so they are super special.
1st photo: To Die For...
2nd photo: zipper are sheerness? My fave.
3rd photo: Julia borrowed this from the showroom when we were there in the fall for fashion week...wore it to Marchesa...photographed for Elle. Will post link soon.

Is It Sunday Yet?

(Sunday Pitts & Christan Turner)
Today we shot a video for the Trends10 report with Christan & fun! Christan owns PinnacleTen, a model & talent management company here in town...& Sunday is just gorgeous! Sunday just got the cover (plus a huge spread) in the March/April issue of Sophisticated Living & her party was this past week...exciting! So when Christan called me looking for some fabulous looks for the night I of course said absolutely!! After a few tries we decided on these party fits. Sunday is wearing the Elizabeth & James uber fantastic shoulder dress & Alexis Bittar tear drop earrings. Christan is wearing an Aaron Ashe peplum skirt which fit her like a dream, & jewelry by Alexis Bittar, Ettika, & Citrine by the Stones. Anyways, Christan is the best at what she does and Sunday is to die for! Check out both of their work at!

Chanel Chanel Chanel

(Chanel Fall 2010 RTW, not much to say here besides I just died a little. Just as Spring is rolling in Chanel had to go create something that is now making me fein fall. On my "I Need" list will be the clutch from photo1, black dress with yummy fringe from photo3, hand jewels from photo7, & jacket from photo9. Of course I do want everything, but sometimes a girl must edit her selections...not my fave thing to do.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi Lauren

Lauren People
So thank you Edgar for getting back into your obvious photo taking talent...these pictures are to die! Lauren, you look gorgeous! I cannot wait to see more of your beautiful take on people and is going to be good I know. And I dig the old school, drug store film finish.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


(Vintage Chair)
Got this chair at a vintage store here in town years did have a sherbert velvet seat cushion which was to die. However, lots of use faded the color & it was time to freshen it up...enter black leather. My mother just got this amazing bolt of black geometric leather (geo print not highly visible in photo) & I knew immediately I had to use it somewhere in my house so here it is. I love the juxtaposition of the fanciful cream & gold wood with the modern seat. Goes perfect with my new creamy walls. Love redos.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Night At The Museum

(Shoes-TopShop, Tights & Skirt-American Apparel, Sweater-See by Chloe, Bag-Chanel)

Saturday night Brandon and I traveled to Proof Bar at 21C Hotel downtown for Jayda's birthday bash & a little museum fun. Good friends, music, cocktails, art, etc... Brandon snapped a few photos of me while wandering around. (Obviously I like to sit) The first photo features my favorite art exhibit of the evening...the whole room was this painted wall covering from floor to ceiling! Need this in my backyard chill room which I will have one Snoop Dogg. All will be welcome. Till then.