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Monday, November 15, 2010

Chelsea Love

So some of the girls head up to Indy on Saturday for the Chelsea Handler show...which btw was hilarious. I adore CH & all she has to say. Above is just a little sisterly shoe love for Julia & I. No big deal.
Julia: Dress. Alexander Wang. Vest. Vintage Alpaca. Tights. Aldo. Shoes. Chanel.
Me: Sweater. Free People. Leggings. Halston Heritage. Necklace. Roberta Freymann. Shoes. Mui Mui.

Vintage Sunday

For those of you who have not visited must. Everything they have is insane & all a girl could want in life. Above are my 2 favorite finds from yesterday. I am interested in gowns at the moment because Julia's wedding date is fast approaching & I need everything amazing I could possibly have. After all, the sister of the bride must look fantastic too!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Found It!

(Jenny Packham RTW Autumn/Winter 2011)
Loved Blake Lively in the Fashion Night Out episode of Gossip Girl.
Need this. Have to have. Researching now. Update soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'll Be In Akris This Spring. Thanks.

(Akris Spring 2011 RTW)
A big thankyou to Albert Kriemler for mastering the art of minimalism...& the pantsuit. 2 looks from the Spring 2011 Akris collection demostrate how sexy a masculine inspired blazer & pant can be. Love the cobalt blue, but the nude shade always wins it for me. Tone on tone never looked this good...I will take both too.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bellarmine Showhouse

(Side Room)


(Living Room)

(Bar Area)

So excited for this! Bellarmine Showhouse is an annual event where local designers display their talent by designing a space, and my mother's store Details Fabulous Designs always participates. This year she gave the project to Julia and I! So above are a few images of the space we made our own. Lucite, leather, fur, yummy creams & golds, venetian mirrors, mixed with traditional pieces such as the living room & entryway tables. We love the soft chic feel of the proud of us!
Oh, and of course there is a bar. Duh.

Gaga & Mini Me

While in NYC this past week, Cassie was a lucky girl. Our friend Brandon works with Nicola Formichetti, stylist to Lady Gaga, among others. Mui Mui had gifted Gaga with these fabulous bow covered maryjanes, but sadly she passed. Obviously, Brandon will not be wearing them so he also passed landing them in the hands of Cassie. She wore them out for our little jaunt to Williamsburg to meet some friends for dinner...turned out to be not so little of a trip & multiple stumblings occurred. (7 inches here) She swore she had a pair just like without the bows...above are the look-a-likes pictures. We died over the size difference & had to photograph. So sad they do not fit me... :( but glad they fit someone I love! You rocked it Cassie!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


new bauble in at Dressing Room

Hats Off To You

Julia & I made a semi-mistake by stopping into our fave vintage shop Nitty Gritty...damage was done, per usual. Julia snatched up this yummy little morsel of a hat...beaded in beautiful pastels. Love. I scooped up a long leopard fur coat, a yellow & green bell sleeve mini, a few others...will post photos soon. But for now, just Julia...glad you are back in your hat world. You live there so well.
In this photo: hat-vintage, top-Madison Marcus, pants-Halston Heritage, shoes-Christian Louboutin

A Little JJ For You

Last night Julia and I headed out to Bellarmine Showhouse for designer night. We are so proud of our rooms that we designed & I cannot believe I have yet to post photos so will do that asap! Anyways, we stepped outside for some fresh air with this handsome fellow & fellow designer. Jason has an incredible eye & his space at Bellarine is filled with goodies. One of which I scooped up. (a vintage gothic style mini chair with cowhide...yes please) We were having a very Zoe moment when he tried on the YSL & love it so that he pledged his allegiance to Yves Saint Laurent forever.

Typical Tuesday

Sad to say that I missed this escapade. Yesterday, Julia had some visitors at the store...Christy & Kate. (2 favorites) Christy has been majorly obsessed with Sisters of the Black Moon so they decided to do a little inspired spur of the moment photo shoot! Of course, everything they are wearing is from Dressing Room. It's a bit less dark than the moon sisters' fort, but some color never hurt anyone. Turbans, florals, kaftans, barefooted or boots, uber chunky jewels...very sultry. Love it. We always love photos on the train tracks across from our shop...makes for a good scene. Looking lovely ladies!
I will be there next time!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shoe Renovation

So for the past 2 weeks our floors have been under construction. Pulling out old parquet and replacing with beautiful wood floors! I am so excited bc they are on the final stage of the process so will post photos soon. During all of this my closet (which is actually supposed to be the dining room) was ripped apart...things scattered in every room! I was so shoes were thrown everywhere! Obviously, Carlos & Juan do not understand just how important Louboutin and Givenchy are. Being semi neurotic I stacked them neatly in the spare bedroom for the meantime just to save my sanity. Bianca laid right next to the YSL's for the full2 hours this took me so I had to snap a pic of her. She is such a fashion lover.

A Night Out For The Best Dressed

(feet hurt from dancing...had to have a little rest!)

(after the party it's the after party)

(Hilary, SarahK, & I)

This past Saturday was the night of Best Dressed Louisville. Local publication The Voice Tribune hosts a fabulous party anually that includes a fashion show which Dressing Room obviously participates in. 6 months leading up to the show everyone in town nominates & votes on locals who display fabulous style. Was a fun filled night & I always love seeing Louisville get dolled up & celebrate fashion!

(Hilary: dress, Camilla & Marc/necklace, Mawi/shoes, Christian Louboutin)
(SarahK: dress, Lida Baday /necklace, Mawi/shoes, Jesscia Simpson)
(Me: dress, Barila/jewels, Alexis Bittar/headpeice, Jennifer Behr/shoes, Christian Louboutin)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mega Mega

(the hotty tub)
(three uber favorites)

(best bachelorette mui mui of course)

(i say mega, you sat cat!)

After days & days of recovering...I finally mustered up the energy to post some pics. I have to say that a weekend on the Mega Cat with 20 girlfriends is quite the unforgettable little vaca. Had so much fun with all you gals & am so appreciative to have such fabulous friends who are willing to shell out their time/cash to make some memories in honor of Julia! Single no more ladies...sad to see Julia get scooped up on the marriage train, but so happy she has finally found her match! Thanks to all who made the weekend super special! I know Julia felt extremely loved! Can't wait till next year! :) Muah!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mama's Debut

(camera ready)

(Kevin making sure Mama's goodies are in the right place)

So newly opened restaurant Sea Hag is amazing & dirty delicious...much like local owner Kevin. Due to the close proximity to my family home, Mom and Daddy have become the 2 best customers...they are there about 4 to 5 times a week! Kevin popped into the store last week & wanted to enlist mother to be his can-can girl in his national advertisement! Well...of course she will & so she did! Photos above are from Sunday night when it all went down. How amazing does she look?! Tulle, feathers, & cigarettes...she does a daughter proud! Love my stunningly beautiful mother dearly!
Will definately be posting the ad once it starts running so stay tuned!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember This?

(Natalie. Dress- Josh Goot, Julia. Skirt & Shirt- Elizabeth & James)
Going through photos & found an oldie but goodie...hahahaha! Does anyone remember this? Lauren, Julie, were all here this night! How hilarious is this photo? Love.

Fashion, Champagne, & Good Cause

( Me: Dress- Vinatge Escada, Necklace- Mawi)
Dressing Room was happy to participate in the American Cancer Society Fashion Show Gala. I attented, sadly without Julia who was away, but gladly with love Brandon. We get dolled & suited up for a night on the town. The fashion show was a huge hit, as was Brandon with the silent auction. He nabbed us dinner at 2 fantastic restaurants in town! Fun night!
Fashion Show Photos here.

Walk in the Park

Bianca was a bit unsure at first...

Julia & Rebecca taking a break for some champagne, etc.


Rebecca & I in the water with the pups...
So Rebecca & I both have pomeranians who are currently dating...Nobu & Bianca. (cutest couple ever) So, we decided to take them on a date & Rebecca knew the perfect place. This little water wonderland in the woods at Cherokee park...Biacna & Nobu loved it! We brought champagne roadies along to keep us humans didn't think Julia & I would go into the woods without alchohol did you? Of course not!

GooGoo for GaGa

(Sarah, Frankie, Brooke, Julia, Tiffany, & myself)
So a few of us girls jaunted up to Indy last week for the highly anticipated Lady GaGa show...well worth the trip, time, money, & day after headache. Friend Lauren & Edgar had seen GaGa a few days prior & their satisfaction gave us much to look forward to! GaGa was/is/always will be amazing & we had the best time dancing our way through the night. (Show You Teeth might have been my favorite) Just how much fun can be seen in the photos on which you can view here. Why do we always look crazier than everyone else in a room? Love you girls!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kaftan Love

Myself, Julia, & Mama...all wearing Camilla Kaftans.

The Camilla Kaftan Sping Sample sale was a huge success!! Thanks to all the fabulous, glamorous ladies who came to take a peak...we hope everyone is enjoying their yummy kaftans!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Little Vanity Never Hurt Anyone

Sarah at my dressing table getting dolled up for a little time out on the town...
FYI we had a fabulous time...per usual.
And yes...that is an autographed photo of David Copperfield. I love him. Don't make fun now.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mary Kay All The Way

Was behind the fabulous pink Cadillac yesterday afternoon...I die. My father's mother was all about some MaryKay & she had the pink well as a wax statue of MaryKay herself contained in a glass case. Yes, my grandmother was absolute glamour & grace all the time. So whenever I see one of these cars I smile for her & throw on some red lips...Barbara would be proud.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alley Ice

(Vintage dress, vintage clutch, Aldo heels)
On our walk back to our car Saturday night, Brandon and I came across these huge peices of ice laying in the op of course. We had been at 21C for the Hotel PJ Party where there were ice sculptors in the blocked down street creating their works of art & for what? To be smashed in the alley once the party shuts down? Sadness! So I decided that it was still art & I would have a moment with it. Here it is. Oh, & that blurry thing in my hand is my "It's my party & I will smoke if I want to" was 101 degrees that night so yes, it was neccessary.

We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!

Julia's special day was this Sunday, so like all girls do we dressed up and headed out. Dinner & dancing was the plan...but gifts first of course! Frankie, Natalie, & I gifted Julia with the CatBurglar Christian Louboutin Barbie Doll. Isn't she fabulous?! Julia blogged about her when the press release came out so we thought it was quite appropriate. For those of you who do not keep up with the convoluting of Matel & Louboutin let me inform you...Christian Louboutin paired with Matel to create 3 limited edition Barbies who would sport on the best in footwear...Louboutins. We had the hardest time choosing which to get, but CatBurglar has the best shoes & she is wearing leather! Perfect!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Margs & Twirls

(Camilla dress)
So I know this is horribly fuzzy & the dress details can't event be seen, but I love it! This Camilla item came in for the sample sale & it is beautiful! So long & flowy...I could not help but twirl! Attended a small gathering at Kelly's to partake in the new margarita machine which was obviously uber fun. Multiple margs led to many twirls...but there's nothing wrong with tequila & dizziness! Had to send the dress back with the others...sadness.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Darling Dempsey

How cute is this little guy? So!! Frankies's little girl Ava has had a moment on DirtyGood & so now it is Dempsey's turn. This is Frankie's baby boy & I could die he is too adorable. This was taken at the pool over memorial weekend...he was really loving that orangerita cocktail!
PS...bff Natalie (son Kilbourne has had a few photos blogged) found out yesterday am that the current bun in the oven is a girl!!! We could not be more excited to have another young fashionista joining our world...Congrats Nat & we love you!

Bahama Boos

Our drinking cart in Nassau. Gives a little insight into how the week went. Nothing better than some Kalik & chanpagne with sunning. Gotta love the Gucci topping it all off.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rompathon: Day 7...The End

(a black silk number for the cookout)

(another black for bed...waving goodbye to the rompathon)

We have reached the end of the rompathon... :( Which is why Frankie donned black all day in mourning. It has been too fun & Frankie completed the week with success...

Winter rompathon is a definite must. So there is something to look forward to!

We love you Frankie & your romps!

Rompathon: Day 6

(casual missoni-esque at the pool...a Dressing Room purchase. love it.)

(the fabulousness of the Camilla label...also a Dressing Room purchase...this is the romper referenced in day 5 post)

(nighty night)

Of course super classic & chic at the pool in a black suit & silky romper, but none can compare to her choice for the dinner party that night. As said before, Dressing Room is currently housing the spring/summer runway samples of Camilla...& Frankie just had to scoop up a little number for herself...obviously a romper. It is beautiful & amazingly flattering. (Julia & I also sported Camilla to the get together so we were really a sight) Another American Apparel piece for bedtime. Favorite day of them all...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rompathon: Day 5

(favorite day look so far)

(a little fiction before bed)

Frankie's day look for Friday was so fantastic...this romper is a mauve/army shade of silk, & has a sort of military influence...the 2 length neck gems were the perfect accessories. Snapped this photo when Frankie stopped by the shop for our Camilla trunkshow/sample sale...she scooped up a Camilla black poppy print romper. Let me just say that this romper is fabulous & I cannot wait to post photos of her because it is stunning! I think she is wearing tonight to our dinner party! Anyways, bedtime photo is great because she said "ignore the fake smile...I am still mad at Ryan". Ha!